Civil Air Patrol
Lesson 2: Followership in a Volunteer Environment
Lesson 3: How to Effectively Implement Change in Organizations
Lesson 4: Ethics
Lesson 5: Air Force and Civil Air Patrol Core Values
Lesson 6: Applying Core Values in a Command Setting
Lesson 7: The Chain of Command and What it Means to the US Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol
Lesson 8: Fostering a Cooperative and Dynamic Relationship Between the Civil Air Patrol and the US Air Force at the Unit Level
Lesson 9: The Inspector General System in the US Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol
Lesson 10: Standards, Customs and Courtesies in the US Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol
Lesson 11: Proper Wear of the Civil Air Patrol Uniform
Lesson 12: Financial Accountability in the Civil Air Patrol
Lesson 13: Civil Air Patrol Complaint Processing
Lesson 14: Fundamentals of the CAP Flying Safety Program
Lesson 15: Effective Counseling Techniques
Lesson 16: Conflict Resolution Strategies
Lesson 17: Dealing with a Diverse Civil Air Patrol Population
Lesson 18: Understanding and Preventing Sexual and Racial Discrimination
Lesson 19: Preventing Violence in the Civil Air Patrol Workplace
Lesson 20: The Difference Between Discipline and Abuse

Welcome to the Senior Member Professional Development Course!

We sincerely hope that this course will be not only instructive, but also entertaining. The lessons provided in this course range from the very fundamental to the more complex leadership challenges that you may face as a CAP Senior Member. Both the United States Air Force and the Civil Air Patrol feel that professional development of its members is the cornerstone of their organizations—and that their most valuable asset is their people. Thank you in advance for your commitment to study and learn the subject matter in this course. We realize it is no small investment in time. We hope that your journey through this program is as fruitful (most of the subject matter is just as applicable in your job outside of CAP) as it is enjoyable. Please take the time to read the Users Guide by selecting the button below. This guide contains very important information that will make the course easier and more enjoyable for both the student and instructor.

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