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Publication  Date  Title  OPR
P2 15 Oct 91  CAP ELT/EPIRB Search  DO
P3   6 Feb 14  Guide to CAP Protocol  COP
P4 14 Aug 14  Event Planner Guide  PD
P5 17 Jul 14  Civil Air Patrol Written History Self-Study Guide  PD
P6 17 Jul 14  Civil Air Patrol Oral History Self-Study Guide  PD
P15 Rev 1  Dec 09  Aerospace Education Officers' Handbook (Includes Change 1, 1 Apr 13)  AE
P39-3  Jun 10  Awards Made Easy  DP
P50-1    Civil Air Patrol Commander’s Guide - Currently Unavailable -  Under Revision  PD
P50-2  Apr 10  CAP Core Values  PD
P50-4  5 Oct 15  Level 1 Orientation  PD
P50-5    Introduction to Civil Air Patrol - Currently Unavailable -  Under Revision  PD
P50-6  Nov 14  Region Staff College Curriculum Guide  PD
P50-7  1 Dec 04  Mentoring: Building Our Members  PD
P50-8 19 Apr 13  Civil Air Patrol Mentor’s Guide  PD
P50-9 19 Apr 13  Organizational Excellence Program Handbook OE 2.0  PD
P50-10  9 Dec 10  New Horizons-Guide for Cadet to Senior Member Transition  PD
P52  Apr 10  †Today’s Cadets, Tomorrow’s Aerospace Leaders  CP
P52-4  Feb 15  National Cadet Competition Curriculum Guide  CP
P52-5  18 Nov 15  The Congressional Award  CP
P52-6   15 Apr 99  Cadet Programs-Mentoring  CP
P52-7   Apr 09  †Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus (Includes Change 1, 1 Apr 10)  CP
P52-8   1 Jun 03  CAP Unit Honor Guard Program (Includes Change 1, 20 Mar 07, Change 2, 15 Dec 10 and Change 3, 2 Apr 13)  CP
P52-9   Apr 08  Cadet Great Start  CP
P52-12 Vol I  Apr 15  Cadet Programs Required Staff Training - Instructor Guide  CP
P52-12  Vol II Apr 15  Cadet Programs Required Staff Training - Student Guide  CP
P52-14   1 Jun 03  Staff Duty Analysis Guide  CP
P52-15   Feb 12  Cadet Staff Handbook  CP
P52-18  1 Nov 15  Cadet Physical Fitness Program  CP
P52-19   2 Oct 03  Cadet Advisory Council Guide  (Includes Change 1, 2 Apr 13)  CP
P52-21  Apr 11  Cadets at School-Program Overview for Educators (Includes Change 1, Jun 14)  CP
P52-23  Feb 15  Cadet Protection Policy ‒ Implementation Guide   CP
P52-24  Jun 14  Cadet Encampment Guide  CP
P52-25  Jun 14  Cadet Encampment Handbook  CP
P52-26  Feb 15  First Talk Guide CP
P110-1   1 Dec 96  Federal Statutes Affecting Civil Air Patrol (Requisition from GC)  GC
P151   Apr 09  Respect On Display  CP
P152  4 Jan 16  Social Media Guidelines  PA
P200   25 Jul 14  Specialty Track Study Guide-Personnel  DP
P201   Feb 16  Specialty Track Study Guide-Public Affairs Officer  PA
P202   22 Jun 12  Specialty Track Study Guide-Financial Management  FM
P203  10 Apr 15  Specialty Track Study Guide-Inspector General  IG
P204  18 Apr 13  Specialty Track Study Guide-Professional Development Officer  PD
P205  Nov 15  Specialty Track Study Guide-Administration  DA
P206  18 Apr 13  Specialty Track Study Guide-Logistics Officer  LG
P211   5 Dec 13  Specialty Track Study Guide-Operations Officer  DO
P212   9 May 14  Specialty Track Study Guide-Standardization/Evaluation Officer  DO
P213   15 Feb 98  Specialty Track Study Guide-Emergency Services Officer  DO
P214    6 Apr 16  Specialty Track Study Guide-Communications Officer  DOK
P215   11 Apr 16  Specialty Track Study Guide-Aerospace Education Officer  AE
P216   Apr 14  Specialty Track Study Guide - Cadet Programs  CP
P217   Jan 16  Specialty Track Study Guide-Safety Officer  SE
P219  Jul 15  Specialty Track Study Guide-Legal Officer  GC
P221   6 Apr 11  Specialty Track Study Guide-Chaplain (Includes Change 1, 7 Mar 12)  HCA
P221A   10 Jun 16  Technician Level Course: The Basic Chaplain Course, The Squadron Chaplain  HCA
P221B  10 Jun 16  Senior Level Course: The Wing Chaplain Course, The Group and Wing Chaplain  HCA
P221C  10 Jun 16  Master Level Course: The Senior Chaplain Course, The Region Chaplain  HCA
P222  17 Apr 13  Specialty Track Study Guide - Command  
P223  22 Jul 14  Specialty Track Study Guide-Historian  PD
P225   19 Feb 16  Specialty Track Study Guide-Character Development Instructor  HCA
P226   26 May 05  Specialty Track Study Guide-Recruiting and Retention Officer  DP
P227   14 Feb 13  Specialty Track Study Guide-Information Technology Officer  IT
P265-2  Nov 14  FLIGHT TIME:  Values for Living-Character Development for CAP Cadets  HC
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