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1.  Below are CAP Forms available in Word/Excel 2000.  Documents with macros and/or online entry require Windows 95 or higher and Office/Word 95 or later.  For MS Word prior to version 9 (Office 2000) requires converter add-in.   Download Word Viewers and Converters Here.

2.  Also below are CAP Forms available in PDF.  Acrobat Reader is required to view these publications. 
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3.  A pound-sign (#) denotes previous editions may be used.

4.  See "
Word Note" and "PDF Note"  for details on asterisk (*) and double asterisk (**) items.

    ALL AVAILABLE FORMS ZIPPED (As of  16 Dec 14).  Depending on the version of Windows you have on your computer, Windows has a built in Zip program or you may 
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    All Forms Word/Excel Zipped:  Zip PDF     All Forms PDF Zipped:  Zip PDF

   Shaded areas identify new or revised material.  

 Form  Date  Title  Reference Word Note

PDF Note

 *F1  Jun 11 Organizational Excellence Candidate Biography  R50-17
 *F1A Jun 11 Request for Award of Organizational Excellence Program Level  R50-17
 *F1B  Jun 11 Application for Organizational Excellence Mentor Appointment  R50-17
 *F2  Aug 14 Request for Promotion Action
E-mail address at National:
 *F2A  Oct 08 Request for and Approval of Personnel Action
E-mail address at National:
 *F2B  Oct 72 Personnel Action Request-Termination of CAP Membership
E-mail address at National:
 **F5  Jul 15

CAP Pilot Flight Evaluation 

 **F5B  Jun 15 CAP Pilot Flight Evaluation – Hot Air Balloon  R60-1    
 F5Q-A  Apr 14 Airplane Questionnaire  R60-1    
 F5Q-B  Apr 14 Hot Air Balloon Questionnaire  R60-1    
 F5Q-G  Apr 14 Glider Questionnaire  R60-1    
 F9  15 Nov 15 Release (For Non CAP Members)  R60-1
 *F11  Jul 09 Senior Member Professional Development Program Directors Report 
E-mail address at National:
 F12  Feb 14

Application for Senior Membership in Civil Air Patrol
Mail Completed application package to: National Headquarters,  Civil Air  Patrol, ATTN: Membership Services, 105 South Hansell   Street,  Maxwell  AFB AL 36112-6332

 F12L  Mar 14 Application for Legislative Membership in Civil Air Patrol  R39-2
 F13  Nov 10 CAP Aerospace Education Membership Application  R39-2
 F15  Apr 16

Application for Cadet Membership in Civil Air Patrol 

 *F17  Jul 09 Application for Senior Member Activities  E-mail address at National:  R50-17
 F23  Oct 84 Civil Air Patrol General Purpose Answer Sheet  R50-4
 *F24  Mar 13 Application for Senior Member Professional Development Awards  E-mail address at National:  R50-17  PDF Only
 *F25  Jan 05  The Frank G. Brewer CAP Memorial Aerospace Award  E-mail address at National:  R280-2
 *F27  Oct 03  Organizational Action. E-mail address at National:  R20-3 PDF Only
 F27B  Apr 79 Organization Action - Overseas Cadet Squadrons
Requisition from:
 **F30  Jan 11  Inspector General Personal and Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Complaint  Registration  R123-2
 **F31  Oct 13 Application for CAP Encampment or Special Activity  R52-16
 F32  Oct 14 Civil Air Patrol Cadet Activity Permission Slip  R52-10
 *F35  Feb 12 Chaplain Appointment  (Corrected Copy)  R265-1
    CAPF 35 Instructions  
*F35A  Apr 15 Character Development Instructor Appointment   R265-1
 F37   Temporary issue Receipt (Available only through CAP Operational  Resource Management System)  R174-1    
 **F40 Apr 13 CAP Performance Feedback Form  R50-17
 *F45 Aug 09 Senior Member Master Record (Pre-printed version no longer available for order.)  R50-17
 *F46 Jul 07 Professional Development Course Materials Order Form  E-mail address at National:  R50-17
 *F48 Nov 14 Religious Interview Guide  R265-1
 *F50-1 Oct 06 Cadet Leadership Feedback - Phase I  R52-16
 *F50-2 Oct 06 Cadet Leadership Feedback - Phase II  R52-16
 *F50-3 Oct 06 Cadet Leadership Feedback - Phase III  R52-16
 *F50-4 Oct 06 Cadet Leadership Feedback - Phase IV  R52-16
 *F50-5 Jun 14 CAP Encampment Program, Leadership Feedback for Students  R52-16  
 *F50-6 Mar 13 CAP Encampment Program, 360° Leadership Feedback for Cadre  R52-16  
 *F52-1 May 09 Cadet Programs Phase I Certification  E-mail address at National:   R52-16
 *F52-2 May 09 Cadet Programs Phase II Certification   E-mail address at National:  R52-16
 *F52-3 May 09 Cadet Programs Phase III Certification  E-mail address at National:  R52-16
 *F52-4 May 09 Cadet Programs Phase IV Certification  E-mail address at National:  R52-16     
 *F54 Jun 11 Civil Air Patrol High Adventure Activity Request  R52-16  
 *F56 Feb 13 Drug Demand Reduction Request  R52-22
 *F58 Dec 87 Nomination for Cadet of the Year  E-mail address at National:  R39-3
 F62 Mar 11 Standard Operational Risk Safety Briefing Card  R62-1
F66 Oct 11 Cadet Master Record (Pre-printed version no longer available for order.)  R52-16


 *F70 Dec 14 Vehicle Reimbursement Request  R77-1
 F71 Sep 15 CAP Aircraft Inspection Checklist  R66-1 PDF Only
 F71G Jul 14 CAP Glider Aircraft Inspection Checklist  R66-1
 F72 May 97 CAP Military Airlift (MILAIR) Request Form  R76-1
 F73 Feb 15 Vehicle Inspection Guide and Usage Data  R77-1

Civil Air Patrol Radio Operator Authorization
(Issued by region or wing DCs only)

 **F80  Feb 12 Civil Air Patrol Death Benefit/Medical Expense Form  R900-5
 F83  Feb 04 Civil Air Patrol Counterdrug Application  R60-6
 **F91  Apr 12 CAP Mission Pilot Checkout  R60-1
 **F99  May 15 CAP Flight Release Log  R60-1

Civil Air Patrol Specialty Qualification Card
(Available through Ops Qual only)

Incident Command System (ICS) Forms

    SQTRs are now found in Ops Quals. Task guides to support  them  are availiable in printed form from
Vanguard as well as  electronically  on the Emergency Services Curriculum Site.  

 F104  Aug 09 Mission Flight Plan/Briefing Form  R60-3
 F104A  Aug 09 SAR Results Worksheet  R60-3
 F104B  Aug 09 Reconnaissance Summary  R60-3
 *F105  Apr 16
CAP Radio Message Form  R100-3  
 *F105A  Apr 16  CAP Radio Message Form - Coded Groups  R100-3  
 **F106  Sep 71 Ground Interrogation Form  R60-3
 **F107  Feb 84 Flight Operations Log  R60-3
 **F108  Apr 07 Reimbursement for individual CAP Member Expenses (Corrected Copy)  R173-3 Excel F108
 *F109  Feb 96 Ground Team Clearance  R60-3
 *F110  Sep 14 Communications Log  R100-1  
 *F112  May 01 Single Task Evaluation  R60-3
 *F113  May 01 Field Expedient Team Task Book  R60-3
 **F114  May 01 CAP ES Qualification Record  R60-3
 **F115  May 01 CAP ES Mission Folder  R60-3
 *F120  Dec 08 Recommendation for Decoration
E-mail address at National:
 *F122  Mar 82 Search and Rescue (SAR) Mission Report  R60-3
 F124  Dec 89 AEPSM AE Examination Control Log  R50-4
 *F126  Jun 93 Unit AE Examination Administration Record and Report Form  R280-2
 *F127  Aug 02 Monthly Certification Report (Not Distributed below wing level)
(Requisition from AE at
 F128  Jan 09 The Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year Award  R280-2
 F129  Jan 09 The Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Officer of the Year Award  R280-2
**F160  Jun 13 CAP Member Health History Form  R160-1
F161  Jun 13 Emergency Information  R160-1
**F162  Jun 13 CAP Member Physical Exam Form  R160-1
**F163  Jun 13 Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication  R160-1
 F164  Dec 14 Donation Receipt  R173-4
 F170  Apr 12 Business Meals and Entertainment Form  R173-1 Excel F170
 F171    Unit Commander's Disclosure - Located in eServices in the Commander's Corner  R173-1    
 F172  Jul 14 Consolidated Finance Authorizations  R173-1 Excel F170  
 F173  Pt I  May 13 Internal Financial Review Worksheet – Part I  R173-1
 *F173 Pt II  Dec 11 Internal Financial Review Sample Checklist Part II  R173-1
 F174   Real Property Inventory - Located in eServices in ORMS  R173-1    
 F175  Aug 10 Vehicle Justification  R174-1
 F176  Jan 06 Aircraft Major Maintenance Reimbursement Request  R66-1
**F177  Mar 13 Nondisclosure Declaration  R1-3
**F178  May 13 Conflict Of Interest Statement  R1-4
**F179  Jul 13  Direct Deposit Sign Up - CAP Members  R173-3
F180  Dec 15
Historical Property Deed of Gift  R210-3
F181  Dec 15
Non-Exclusive Copyright License  R210-3
F182  Dec 15
Transfer of CAP Historical Materials
F183  Dec 15 Loan of CAP Historical Materials


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