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Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Familiarization Course for

Air Force and CAP Members


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Maj Gen Joseph R. Vazquez, CAP



  We'd like to ask for an hour or less of your time to learn about the USAF's Auxiliary, the Civil Air Patrol, which has proudly served our nation for over 71 years.


The purpose of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Familiarization Course for Air Force and CAP members is to provide awareness of the Civil Air Patrol, the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force (USAF) to USAF Active Duty, Reserve, Guard and Civilian Employees and their families, (as well as CAP members looking to gain a more global understanding of CAP and what CAP offers to the Air Force). Specifically, CAP wishes to provide information about all that CAP offers for individual Air Force members, their families and the Air Force community at large in terms of assets, benefits and opportunities for volunteer service.

This course has three primary objectives:

  1. To inform you of CAP's capabilities as a non-combatant 60,000+ member, all-volunteer "force multiplier" to the USAF, playing a critical role in our nation's defense, especially in homeland security and search and rescue. The course is also intended to focus on CAP's sustained role as a quality youth development organization helping to prepare the future science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce needed to maintain national security for the future.
  2. To introduce you to CAP's potential to assist Air Force installations and organizations in mission accomplishment, to augment disaster relief efforts in communities throughout the nation and to supplement educational efforts to develop the next generation STEM workforce.
  3. To encourage you to consider volunteering to assist a local CAP unit.

Completing this course should take about 1 hour or less. For those wishing to explore CAP more in depth, this course includes a number of links to additional information and materials.

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Want to Get Started?

Flight Plan


1. Review the course objectives.

2. Think you already know about Civil Air Patrol? Take the short true/false quiz to test your knowledge.

3. Take the course.

4. Pass the final quiz and receive your completion certificate.

1. Click here to take the pre-course quiz to test your knowledge about the Civil Air Patrol!

2. Click here to take the course which ends with a final quiz.


Click below to see an overview of the three primary missions of CAP! 


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Comments and suggestions concerning the course are welcomed and encouraged. Course students and other interested parties should contact CAP's Professional Development office at with inputs.

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