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The Basic Instruction Course is intended to provide Civil Air Patrol members a reference for instruction.  The course consist of approximately 20 pages of reading and a quiz.  To get credit for the course, you have to score a minimum of 80 percent on the quiz.  The quiz is open book and consist of 25 multiple choice and true/false questions.

There are also attachments that provide valuable templates and information.  See the instructor tools at the bottom of the page.

 Learning Objectives:

1.  Identify the steps required to develop a civil air patrol lesson plan.

2.  Explain the cognitive domains of learning.

3.  Describe the differences between the formal and informal lecture methods of instruction.

4.  Describe the demonstration-performance method of instruction.

5.  Explain the importance of desired learning outcomes.

6.  Outline the format of a CAP lesson plan.

7.  Identify the parts of a multiple-choice question.

8.  Summarize the factors involved in selecting an appropriate instructional media.


Review the Basic Instructor Course Material and then take the Quiz.

- Basic Instructor Course Text:  Basic Instructor Course Material

- Online quiz: Basic Instructor Course Quiz 


Please contact Ron Olienyk at with any questions or concerns.

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