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The AU A4/6 system is experiencing problems and we can not enroll members at this time.  Continue to send in your enrollment request and we will process as soon as the system becomes operational.

See bottom for "Quick Links" to TCF Guide & CAPR 50-4, also see Frequently Asked Questions!

How Students Register for AU A4/6 Courses:
See the AU A4/6 - CAP Student Page.

Responsibilities of the CAP Test Control Officer:
The test control officer (TCO) secures and administers AU A4/6 exams.  For a complete overview of TCO responsibilities, see CAPR 50-4, "Test Administration and Security" and the AU A4/6 AU A4/6 TCF Guide.  It is particularly important that TCOs understand and respect all AU A4/6 security procedures.  In the event of a test compromise, AU A4/6 may have to suspend all work on the course throughout the entire Air Force, which would be both costly and embarrassing to CAP.

How to Receive and Validate AU A4/6 Exams:
Carefully review AU A4/6's procedures for "Receiving and Validating" paper exams in the AU A4/6 TCF Guide.

How to Store and Secure AU A4/6 Exams:
Carefully review AU A4/6's exam "Storage and Security" procedures in the AU A4/6 TCF Guide.

How to Administer the Exam:
Exams must be administered in a place that is compliant with AU & CAP guidance and may be administered at a location that is mutually convenient to the student and TCO, but the TCO must supervise the student throughout the test period.  Read the AU A4/6 Test Conditions, Test Preparations, and Testing Sessions procedures found in the AU A4/6 TCF Guide.

How Exams are Scored:
After the student completes their exam, return their answer sheet to AU A4/6 for grading in compliance with AU & CAP guidance.  Read about AU A4/6's grading processe, how to process test results, and how to record course completion in the AU A4/6 - CAP Student Page and CAPR 50-4.

HQ CAP Point of Contact:
TCOs who have questions about AU A4/6 test administration may contact the CAP registrar's office at CAP Membership Services toll free at 1-877-227-9142 x210, or email the registrars' office.  

Quick Links

To ensure your test control facility (wing) or test control procedures are current, click on the links below!

AU A4/6 Test Control Facility (TCF) Guide   (New!)

CAPR 50-4, Test Administration and Security

Frequently Asked Questions: (NEW!)

Question: I have a member who wants to take their course exam, but can't remember when their enrollment expires.  Should I just give the member the test anyway?  No, you should first confirm the date of course enrollment.  Enrollments are normally active for 12 months.  You can find this information in the original course materials, on the exam itself, or by requesting assistance from AU A4/6.  If you give an exam after a member's enrollment has expired, the AU Registrar will nullify the score and consider the action a test compromise.  The AU Registrar will prohibit the wing from testing the course for all enrollments until a test compromise investigation has been completed according to the provisions of CAPR 50-4. 

I am a wing Test Control Officer.  From time to time I receive a course exam from AU A4/6 which I will re-mail to the unit where the enrolled member is assigned.  I normally do this the same day I receive the exam.  Do I have to log receipt of the exam on my test inventory log?  Yes. You have custody of the test, even if for a brief time.  You should log the exam when received, log where you sent it and when, and log final disposition of the exam if known.

How often should my unit do a test inventory?  How long should re keep the test inventory records?  Units at all levels should do a test inventory a minimum of once every 90 days, as well as whenever a TCO is reassigned or a new TCO is named (in accordance with CAPR 50-4).  Test inventory records will be kept a minimum of 24 months.

I am a unit Test Control Officer.  What is the best way to track member course enrollment data?  Members in your unit who enroll in AU A4/6 courses should let you know when they apply for enrollment and also let you know their official date of enrollment.  This way, you can help them pace their study and test before their enrollment ends.  You can add a column to your test inventory log notating the member's name and date of enrollment.  This provides a consolidated place to track progress against test receipts.  You can also easily know when to destroy a test for a member who has not completed the coursework in the specified time. 

I am stepping down as my wing Test Control Officer.  How should I help my commander ensure continuity of the Test Control program?  Encourage your commander to assign a new Test Control Officer before your departure, so you may help the new TCO become familiar with all procedures.  Be sure the new TCO assigned by use of an appointment letter and send it to the AU Registrar using the provisions outlined in CAPR 50-4 or the AU Test Control Facility Guide.  Don't forget to have the new TCO change the combinations on the testing cabinet(s) and to perform a test inventory.

I am a unit Test Control Officer.  I am missing a course exam for Course 02170 from my inventory though I'm sure the member has already taken and passed the exam.  Since he's already passed the course, and I think the test was thrown out, should I let it go?  No.  Test Control Officers should exercise positive control over course exams at all times, regardless of whether the member has passed the course.  This breach of control is a potential compromise.  You must report this breach using the guidance contained in CAPR 50-4. 

I am a unit Test Control Officer and have a member who is ready to take a test for Squadron Officer School.  The test has been ordered, but my state does not have a military base testing center in which to test.  Can I administer the test myself?  Not necessarily.  Tests for Air Force courses (like Squadron Officer School) have more stringent rules for test administration and proctoring.  Ideally, the exams are administered at a military base testing center.  If that is not possible, two other options exist (in order of priority):

  • under the supervision of a CAP-USAF state director or CAP-USAF reservist.
  • under the supervision of two CAP members who have been approved in advance by the CAP-USAF state director.

I am the wing Test Control Officer.  I have received a notice to revalidate my test control facility from the AU Registrar's office, but I have no changes to make.  Should I discard the notice?  No, you must still complete the revalidation process by the deadline, even if nothing has changed.  This assures the AU Registrar that there is a system of positive control of tests for all of their test control facilities, and also lets them know you got the notice to begin with.  Failure to revalidate can mean a loss of testing privileges for the wing.  If you are not sure if your wing test control facility has revalidated, contact the AU Registrar's office.

Thank you!  Your service as a test control officer helps CAP members learn and achieve.

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