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As a Civil Air Patrol National Patron, your annual dues will contribute to the many activities and programs of CAP.  The National Patron Squadron was created to allow people to stay connected to CAP, without the volunteer expectations of active membership.  People join the National Patron Squadron for many reasons -- former members, current members, corporate supporters, parents and community leaders who respect and wish to support the humanitarian missions, emergency response efforts and cadet programs of Civil Air Patrol.

While there are no organized activities or duty assignments, the National Patron Squadron members receive the Civil Air Patrol Volunteer magazine, discounts and benefits offered to all members, website access to their membership information, the CAP News online.  For a list of benefits, please select “Benefits” from the menu at the very top of this page. 

How to become a member of the National Patron Squadron:

1.  If you are not a CAP Member - You can join the National Patron Squadron online here.  If you decide that you would like to be an active CAP member, you can transfer your membership to active status.  You will have to complete and submit a fingerprint card and may pay additional dues.

2.   If you are a current CAP Member -  You can transfer your membership to the National Patron Squadron.  Simply have your commander submit a CAP Form 2A and transfer from your current squadron to charter number NHQ 996.  No extra dues are required and when your renewal is due, you will be charged $35.00.   Current members (not yet expired) who transfer into the National Patron Squadron retain their grade.

If you desire to return to active status at a later date, you can transfer to a local squadron.  If you had no break in service, you will not be required to undergo an additional FBI screening provided they have done so before they transferred to patron status. 

3.  If your CAP membership has expired  – You can join the Patron squadron as a new patron member online here.  However, you will not retain your grade and if you transfer back to active status you will be required to undergo another FBI screening.

If you wish to retain your grade and avoid any additional background screening, then you can renew with your current squadron and after your membership is current, you may transfer into NHQ 996.  Please see number 2 for the transfer process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Do I get to wear a uniform or participate if I’m a Patron member?
No.  Patron members are not permitted to wear any uniform and cannot participate in any CAP activities except to attend Wing and Region Conferences and the annual National Board meeting.  Patrons are also permitted to participate in social events by invitation of the commander concerned. 

2.  Can I receive a promotion while I’m a Patron member?
No. Patron members cannot receive promotions.  Current members who transfer into NHQ 996 will retain the last grade they had before transferring.   

3.  Are Patron members allowed to ride or fly aircraft?
No.  Patron members are not permitted to ride or fly in corporate aircraft or member-owned aircraft on CAP flight activity.  They are allowed to ride in CAP ground transportation.

4.  Can I continue my professional development training while a Patron member?
No.  Patron members cannot take any professional development training or tests available to CAP members. 

5.  Where can I find more information about being a Patron member?
CAP Regulation 39-2 Civil Air Patrol Membership, Chapter 3-1 provides the rules and guidance for Patron members.

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