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Membership Services handles new membership applications, unit/charters and renewals

Anna  Beck ext 202
- Unit Charters or any organizational actions ( CAPF 27)
Senior and Cadet Applications, Renewals, and Application Problems
Hilda Cobb ext 201
Senior and Cadet Applications, Renewals, and Application Problems
Janie Jenkins ext 208
- Confidential Screening
- Fingerprint Card issues
Counterdrug Applications
Membership Personnel Actions handles promotions, transfers, 2A’s, awards and decorations, education credits, and anything else pertaining to the member’s record
Susie Parker ext 212
– CAP expert for all above mentioned membership actions
Francis Sides ext 207
– Susie’s expert assistant for all above mentioned membership actions, terminations, and deceased members.
Jennifer Carroll  ext 210
- Registrar, Adult Records (senior member certifications, course credits, etc.)
Sharon Jackson ext 203 – 
 - Registrar, Cadet Records(cadet certifications, course credits, etc.)
e-services password  -  please direct to the e-services log-on page at  for the Password Assistance option or to the Help Desk at ext 290.
New member packet delivery questions
Mr. KC Jones ext 264  or Curt LaFond ext 401
Cadet free uniform questions
Cathy Pangallo ext 263
Chaplain, AEM applications/renewals and Vanguard
Rita LaBarre ext 418
National Conference Registration


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