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Title CAP Form/Regulation
Vehicle Rehabilitation Reimbursement Request CAPF 70
Time and Vehicle Usage Data CAPF 73
Vehicle Justification CAPF 175
Operation and Maintenance of CAP Owned Vehicles CAPR 77-1
Vehicle Decal Order Form Order Form

Additional CAP Forms/Regulations may be found here:  Forms & Regulations

Corporate Owned Vehicle Maintenance WEX Credit Card Program

  • Verify that vendors accept the WEX card prior to arranging service.
  • Civil Air Patrol is not part of any national WEX fleet program, especially not the GSA program. Purchase Orders are not required for vendors to process charges. Any local pricing or tax exemption adjustmnets should be made at the time of the purchase.
  • Driver IDs (aka PINs) and vehicle mileage are required to process charges.
Title CAP Form/Regulation
WEX Online Set Up PDF
WEX Program PDF
WEX Receipt Examples PDF
Sample Vehicle Maintenance - FY15 Credit Card Form EXCEL
FM 14-XX Vehicle Credit Card Management Draft PDF
WEX Program Update (12 December 14)  PDF
WEX Pay Driver's Guide PDF
WEX Pay Transactions Information PDF


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