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Current: May 2016 v2

NOTE: see revision listing at bottom of this document for details of changes


INSPECTION PROCESS STEPS and instruction videos




All inspection team members computers must the latest version of the FREE Adobe Reader 11.07 or later


-- To install the Adobe reader software check out the How to load Adobe Video

-- NOTE: if the link does not go to or download the video ZIP file to right 

- Android and IPad tablet users must have the latest version of the Adobe Reader App


- Download the latest version of SUI worksheets, report, SUI quality assurance checklist and grade res calculator from the IG web page


- Inspectors conduct the inspection using the SUI worksheets

- A video instructions on all of the steps of the process is available via the SUI Report and Worksheet Video 

-- NOTE: If the link does not work go to or download the video zip file to the right


- Inspectors determine TAB grade using the Grade Res Calculator

--Grade resolution calculator is found on the SUI Information TAB Under the Inspector General page


- Inspectors will run their respective SUI quality assurance checklist (use initials to indicate step is completed)


- Inspectors turn in the following to the Team chief:

-- completed worksheets

-- discrepancy supporting documentation, pictures, etc.

-- commendable and benchmark supporting documentation, pictures, etc.

-- Upload files to eServices Inspection Documentation application 


- Team Chief completes the report by copying and pasting worksheets results into the report


- Team Chief runs the Grade Resolution Calculator

-- NOTE: TAB B1 may be listed as not rated if unit does not have cadets

-- NOTE: TAB D8 may be listed as not rated if unit does not have any corporate owned vehicles


- Team Chief completes his/her section of the report quality assurance checklist (use initials to indicate step is completed)


- Team Chief turns in the following to the Wing IG/IGA:

-- completed quality assurance checklist

-- completed report

-- completed worksheets

-- supporting documentation, pictures, etc. for discrepancies if available

-- supporting documentation, pictures, etc. for benchmarks and commendables if available

-- Upload files to eServices Inspection documentation application 

- Provides a draft copy of the report to the commander of the inspected unit


- Wing IG/IGA approves the report


- Wing IG/IGA completes his/her section of the report quality assurance checklist


- Wing IG/IGA uploads the SUI report to eServices.

-- NOTE: upload the editable version of the SUI report (identified with blue cells)


- Wing IG/IGA uses Adobe Pro software to Print report to an Adobe file which removes the blue cells and finalizes the report

-- NOTE: Adobe Pro software can be found on Wing Administrator Computers and most corporately provided computers

-- Wing IG/IGA uploads the SUI to the SUI view/upload application in the Discrepancy Tracking System (DTS)

-- Wing IG/IGA emails a copy of the final report to the commander of the inspected unit

-- Wing IG/IGA reviews report to determine if there are any open discrepancies to load into the DTS

-- Wing IG/IGA and the unit commander of the inspected unit will discuss the process for closing discpreancies in DTS


- Wing IG/IGA updates SUI anniversary date


- Wing IG/IGA notifies Region/IG, CAP/IGI and CAP-USAF/IG if unit/group was operating on a waiver


- Wing IG/IGA tracks open discrepancies to closure using DTS


- Unit/Group Commander corrects discrepancies


- Wing IG/IGA updates the DTS inspection status to closed when all discrepancies are closed

-- Wing IG/IGA deletes SUI files from eServices inspection documentation folder 


Revision Listing:


Report May 2016 v.2   18 May 16 Corrected spelling in report


1 May 16 New E2 Safety sheets


21 Mar 16  New SUI Process Graphic and Quality Checklist 


24 Jul 15 changed E2 tab deleting question 3 updated  worksheet, calculator and reports.


20 Nov 14

- Added SUI OCT 14 updated worksheets


Sept 4 Update

- eServices IG inspection documentation application is live 


May 14 posted on 23 Jun 14

- Added downloadable video clips

- Updated page format

- Added clarifiying content


May 14 v3 posted on 17 June 14

- Clarified steps for SUI process steps

- Updated SUI quality assurance process checklist

- Added zip file with all SUI files

- Added update D3 worksheet

- Added a copy of SUI Process to SUI grade res calculator


May 14 v2 posted on 9 June 14

- Adds QA checklist to worksheet

- Adds QA checklist to report

- Makes the SUI calculator compatible with all versions of Excel

- Updates SUI web page with SUI process steps based on IGC college SUI feedback



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