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CAP has a vital interest in the moral and spiritual welfare of its members. The CAP chaplaincy is an organization of clergy who are appointed and endorsed as CAP chaplains. They represent their various denominations and support the pluralistic ministry of the CAP Chaplain Corps.



Need to find a CAP Chaplain near you, or are you interested in knowing more about becoming a part of Civil Air Patrol? Click this link or call Kenya Bogans, NHQ Chaplain Corps Toll free 1-877-227-9142, ext. 418 or DSN: 493-7748.


Chaplain Corps Personnel Directory 

Are you submitting an application for appointment as a Chaplain (HC) or Character Development Instructor (CDI)?  If so, please use the following application checklists to be sure all required documents are being submitted.  You may also contact your Wing Chaplain for assistance if you have any specific questions regarding appointment requirements.

Chaplain (HC) Application Checklist   [Use when submitting CAPF 35]

Character Development Instructor (CDI) Application Checklist   [Use when submittingCAPF 35A]

 *** NEW ***   Chaplain Corps Online Reporting   *** NEW ***

Chaplain Corps Statistical Reports are submitted electronically using our online Chaplain Corps Reporting system conveniently accessed through eServices.  In addition to the instructions within the online system, please utilize the helpful information below to further assist you in completing and submitting your online semi-annual report.

Chaplain Corps Reporting Instructions for HCs (Chaplains)

Chaplain Corps Reporting Instructions for CDIs (Character Development Instructors)

 Click here to discover more about the latest Flight Time: Values for Living (CAPP 265-2) guide. This guide is a completely revised case study approach for character development. 

Important Information for Mission Chaplains - 21 Sept 2005
Chaplains, please review this information regarding the Incident Command Staff and the role of the Mission Chaplain. (click here) 

If you are called upon by a military base or military wing chaplain you must follow these guidelines: Military Support Guidelines

The Chaplain Specialty Track Study Guide (CAPP 221), Courses (CAPP 221A, 221B, & 221C), and Exams (221A, 221B, & 221C) are located in CAP University on the “On-line Courses & Exams” webpage.

Click here to view the CAP Chaplain Resources (including the Chaplain Mentoring and CDI Mentoring Notebooks and presentation slides, a complete library of "Values for Living" small group discussions, educational briefings, and policy letters).

Click here to review Prayer and Religious Observance Guidelines

Click here to view the CAP Chaplain Newsletters.

Click here to view the biography of Ch, Col James Hughes


Cannot find what you are looking for?
Please contact Kenya Bogans, Chaplain Corps Administrator Phone: Toll Free 1-877-227-9142, ext 418  DSN: 493-7748

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