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Are you submitting an application for appointment as a Chaplain (HC) or Character Development Instructor (CDI)?  If so, please use the following application instructions and checklists to be sure all required documents are being submitted.  You may also contact your Wing Chaplain for assistance if you have any specific questions regarding appointment requirements.

   Chaplain Applicant     All Chaplain applicants must submit a complete CAPF 35.  Please reference the CAPF 35 Instructions and Chaplain (HC) Application Checklist

   Character Development Instructor (CDI) Applicant     All Character Development Instructor applicants must submit a complete CAPF 35A.  Please reference the CAP Regulation 265-1, Section B paragraph seven and Character Development Instructor (CDI) Application Checklist

2016 Chaplain Corps Region Staff Colleges

How to plan and conduct a successful Staff College




 RMR/NCR  18-21 April Bellevue, NE
 PCR  4-7 April  Camp Pendleton, CA
 MER  9-13 May Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
 SER  9-12 May  Moody AFB, GA
 NER  27 June-1 July  Joint Base MDL, NJ
 GLR  22-26 May  Camp Atterbury, IN
 SWR 11-14 July Ft. Worth, TX




If you are asked to support a military unit you must follow these guidelines: Military Support Guidelines.

Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Corps Book of Prayers available here.

United States Air Force Chaplain Corps Book of Prayers available here.

Chaplain, Colonel Charles Sharp, Former CAP Chief of Chaplains, has created these mentoring guides that you are welcomed to use:

Prayer and Religious Guidelines (PDF, 9kb)
Chaplain Mentoring Notebook (PDF, 72 kb)
Chaplain Mentoring Presentation Slides (Zipped PPT, 3 Mb)
MLO Mentoring Notebook (PDF, 68 kb)
MLO Mentoring Presentation Slides (Zipped PPT, 3 Mb) 

CAPP 221 Series

*** Chaplain Specialty Track ***
CAPP 221, Chaplain Specialty Track Study Guide.
CAPP 221A, Technician Level Course: The CAP Chaplain, The Squadron Chaplain.
CAPP 221B, Senior Level Course: Chaplains Helping Chaplains, The Group and Wing Chaplain.
CAPP 221C, Master Level Course: Chaplains Inspiring Chaplains, The Region Chaplain.

Please visit CAP University to complete the courses listed above.

Flight Time: Values for Living

Click here to discover more about  Flight Time: Values for Living (CAPP 265-2).


CAP Chaplain Service Brief
Ethics and Leadership Brief
Sample Brief for Supporting National Guard

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