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Eaker Award

 General Ira C. Eaker was an Army Air Forces general and advocate of strategic bombardment during World War II. 






1.   Pre-Requisite:  Be a current CAP cadet, as shown in eServices.
                                   Possess a CAP uniform and wear it properly.
                                   Be capable of reciting the Cadet Oath from memory 
                                   (see R52-16 paragraph 5-2 and 1-3).

2.   Leadership:  Write a 300-500 word essay and present a 5 to 7 minute speech to the unit on one of the topics below. A senior member will evaluate the essay and speech using these critique forms.

  • Describe three things an executive-level leader needs to do to ensure the unit will fulfill its long-term goals.
  • Explain three principles that should guide an executive-level leader’s use of delegation.
  • Discuss three ways a cadet officer can continue to develop his/her own leadership potential after outgrowing the CAP Cadet Program.

3.   Aerospace:   No requirement.

4.   Character:   Participate in a character development forum

5.   Activities:   SDA Staff Service, Region Cadet Leadership School, Cadet Officer School or COS Distance Learning

6.   Fitness:  Pass the mile run, plus 2 of the 3 other events in the cadet physical fitness test, as shown below:

Males Aged: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17+
Sit & Reach 27 28 28 29 32 33 35 39
Curl Ups 40 42 46 48 51 52 50 49
Push Ups  19 22 25 32 34 37 38 46
Mile Run  8.40 8.20 7.55 7.25 6.59 6.51 6.38 6.35
Females Aged: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17+
Sit & Reach 30 31 33 34 37 40 38 39
Curl Ups  35  38  40  41 42  42  40 39
Push Ups 16 16 16 17 17 18 20 22
Mile Run  10.28 10.10 9.48 9.15 8.58 8.58 9.12 9.14


Fulfilling the promotion eligibility requirements above is only half the battle. You also need to show that you have some leadership skills. Look at the goals below and once in a while ask yourself how well you're doing in those areas.

Attitude   Resilient; shows mental discipline in working to achieve long-term goals;
    welcoming of change; has habit of continual self-improvement
  Uses empathy; recognizes how Core Values relate to new and unfamiliar
Values   situations; makes sound and timely decisions independently
  Articulate; succinct; persuasive; varies message to fit audience; proficient in
Skills   explaining complex issues
Sense of
  Completes large projects with little supervision; follows and sets a command
Responsibility   intent; self-starter
  Actively develops and mentors cadet officers; adapts leadership style to fit
Skills   situation; calm under pressure
  Sets long-term goals for the unit; imaginative and visionary; recognizes
Thinking   unit’s long-term needs; mentally agile when faced with unfamiliar problems
  Directs multiple teams and manages multiple tasks; assigns people to right
Skills   jobs; delegates well and enables others to take charge


Cadet Leadership or Aerospace Education Officer

Cadet Executive Officer/Deputy Commander

Cadet Commander

NHQ must receive either your completed CAPF 52-2 or your Squadron Commander can approve the promotion through the online promotion system.
Eaker Award Fact Sheet

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