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Cadet Packet Program


New distribution plan for 2014 

Please note that we are now shipping cadet packets upon a new cadet joining, then
at the Wright Brothers Award, and then at the Mitchell Award.


New Cadet Packet

Upon joining CAP, new cadets will receive a New Cadet Packet containing important resources they will need to get started in the Cadet Program. The contents include:
-- Aerospace Dimensions, 3rd Edition  (6 modules)
-- Learn to Lead  (Volumes 1)
-- Learn to Lead Cadet Drill Guide  (when available)
-- New Cadet Guide
-- Parents' Guide

The blue and black zip-up binder that used to be included with this kit has unfortunately been discontinued. A similar zip-up binder is available for purchase through our vendor Vanguard  Item # CAP0041A. 






Phase II Cadet Packet
Upon earning the Wright Brothers Award, cadets will receive a Phase II Cadet Packet containing the following:
-- Learn to Lead (Volume 2)
-- Cadet Staff Handbook







Phase III & IV Cadet Packet
Upon earning the Mitchell Award, cadets will receive a Phase III & IV Cadet Packet containing important resources they will need to progress in Phases III & IV of the Cadet Program. The contents include:
-- Aerospace: The Journey of Flight
-- Learn to Lead (Volume 3)
-- Note that Learn to Lead Volume 4 is available in PDF and from Vanguard  Item #CAP0023G. Volume 4 is no longer provided to cadets by National Headquarters.




Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't received my kit yet. What should I do?
Kits ship via USPS. Please allow 15 days from the date the cadet's name first appears in eServices for delivery for the New Cadet Packet, or the date of the Wright Brothers Award for the Phase II Cadet Packet, or the date of the Mitchell Award for the Phase II and Phase III & IV Cadet Packets. 

If, after 15 days, you have not received your kit please email NHQ
; include the address the package should ship to and your phone number; a replacement will be sent.

What if I lose my New Cadet Packet and need a new one?
You may purchase a packet from CAP’s vendor, Vanguard, at The catalog numbers are:
-- New Cadet Packet - Cadets    0041AB
-- Phase III & IV Cadet Packet   0048A

Are any of these materials available for free online?
Most of the cadet textbooks are available online in the Library.

How can our squadron get a copy of the New Member Kit or the Cadet Officers’ Kit?
You may purchase a kit from Vanguard, or download the materials for free, as explained above.

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