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Cadet Uniform Program

The Cadet Uniform Program provides new cadets with the main ingredients of an Air Force style blues uniform at no cost to the cadet (while federal funds remain available).

Update March 2015:  This program closes on 1 May 2015.  No further orders will be accepted after this date.  Learn about the new program here.

Follow these steps to request a uniform:

  1. Cadet joins CAP and receives a welcome email from CAP.  Cadets can also check with their squadron to find out if their membership has been processed.
  2. Cadet visits E-Services at  (First time users will need to register. Note:  You do not need your CAPID number to register for an E-Services account).
  3. Cadet clicks “Cadet Uniform” in the left-hand menu at E-Services.
  4. Cadet verifies name, address, etc., and enters uniform sizes.
  5. Squadron Commander approves request via the “Commander’s Corner” in E-Services.
  6. Lackland AFB ships the uniform to the cadet. Expect it to arrive 2-3 weeks after NHQ sends the approval to Lackland (the status of the request will appear as “sent” on the commander’s report).

ELIGIBILITY.  This program is open to all cadets, but each cadet is eligible to receive only 1 uniform.

INSIGNIA & ACCOUTERMENTS.  Through this program, cadets receive a flight cap, shirt or blouse, trousers or skirt, and a belt. To complete the uniform, cadets will need to obtain shoes, black socks or hose, and insignia (metal CAP cutouts, blue 3-line nametag, and enlisted cadet flight cap device) on their own. Check with your squadron for help obtaining these items, or contact CAP’s vendor, Vanguard, at, telephone 1-800-221-1264.

Air Force "Blues" Uniform Camouflage "BDU" Uniform
Flight cap device - CAP0748A "Civil Air Patrol" cloth tape - CAP0599K
3-Line nameplate (last name) - CAP0599M Cloth nametape (last name) - CAP0599HA
CAP cutouts - CAP0820 US Flag patch (reverse) - 4432430
  CAP cutouts - CAP0820
Note: only one set of CAP cutous is needed, even if the cadet has both uniforms

HELP WITH DATA ENTRY.  Commanders and deputies may input uniform requests on behalf of their cadets who lack internet access.

EXCHANGES.  Contact Lackland MCSS 210-674-0190.

RECYCLING UNIFORMS.  When a cadet outgrows a uniform, or if he or she leaves CAP, local leaders will request that the cadet return the uniform so it can be issued to another cadet.

QUESTIONS?  Please contact KC Jones at 877.227.9142 x264  (

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