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Application Procedures

The following criteria applies to all scholarships.  Additional criteria will be noted within the specifics of an individual scholarship description:

  1. Be a current CAP member;
  2. Have earned the Billy Mitchell Award or received a Senior Rating in any specialty track (except for the Col Mary Feik Flight Scholarship, which requires only the Wright Brothers Award);
  3. Possess and maintain an academic and discipline standard acceptable to the school;
  4. Be enrolled in a full-time course of study during the academic year for which the scholarship is awarded;
  5. Have not received the scholarship in the past that you are applying for.


  1. Log on to e-Services.
  2. Select the Scholarships application from the CAP Utilities on the left side.  (Only available 1 December through 15 January.)
  3. Fill out each of the first three sections.
  4. Upload your Resume, Letter of Recommendation (LoR) and Flight plan (if needed).  Each document must be in PDF, DOC or DOCX  format.
  5. Go to the fifth section and submit the application.  

If the individual you ask to write your LoR is uncomfortable with handing the letter to you to upload, they can send in their LoR via email to or mail it to:

CAP National Headquarters/CP
Attn: Scholarships
105 S Hansell Street
Maxwell AFB, 36112

Uploading files.  If you cannot upload your .pdf files onto the site, please start the application over and skip this step. You must answer every question in order to submit your application.  After completing the application, you can email your files to   
Completion of the Scholarship application. To ensure that your application has been sent, log out of e-Services and then log back in and click on the scholarship application module. If you successfully completed the application, you will receive the notice “Our records indicate that you have already submitted a CAP Form 95.” If you do not see this message, your application was not completed. All applications must be completed through the online application module.
*** You can only submit your application once.  Please have all of the documents ready, in PDF format, before submitting.***

LORs should be addressed to the “CAP Scholarship Committee” and not simply a LOR for another event. LORs must come from a CAP Senior member who can attest to your character and academic and leadership skills.

What should be included in the Flight Plan?  You should include where and when you will be doing your training, whom you will be doing the training with and how often you will be out flying. You do not need a specific CFI. Will you be doing your flight training with a CAP aircraft and pilot in your local area or at a specific activity (flight academies) or with a local FBO? Any of the three are acceptable, but you need to have a plan. You can change your plan as needed if you receive the scholarship. 

How do I know if I am selected?   NHQ will post the names of the winners online and the members that have been selected for a scholarship will receive an email with details on what supporting documents they need to provide.

Does an IB (International Bacclaureate) course count as an AP (Advanced Placement) course?  Yes, IB courses are considered a dual enrollment course and would count towards the AP completed courses.

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1 December - Scholarships Announced

1 December - Application Module Opens

15 January - Application Deadline 

1 February - Squadron CC Approval

15 February - Wing Approval 

End of April - Scholarship Finalists Announced

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