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Required Staff Training

Required Staff Training helps leaders reduce the risk of abuse, hazing, harassment, and humiliation at their activity.  It provides examples and non-examples of hazing and illustrates how to create an effective and positive training atmosphere.  Completion of this course is required for staff members (both cadets and senior members) at cadet activities lasting 4 nights or longer.  The commander may, at his or her discretion, excuse a member from RST if the member has completed the training within the past 24 months.  See CAPR 52-16 for details.

  •  February 2012 CAPP 52-12, Required Staff Training, has been updated and is available below.  The new materials include an instructor guide, student guide, and PowerPoint presentation.  The updated course is a 90-minute guided discussion that combines concepts that voulenteers learn in Operational Risk Management and Cadet Protection Policy training.  It has a hands-on focus that draws on material from CAPP 52-23, Cadet Protection Policy Implementation Guide, as well as 14 new case studies.  This course will replace the 2002 version of Required Staff Training, and should be used now to train staff members for activities.


  • May 2014 Summer activities are encouraged to use the 2012 Draft RST.  The draft will be updated to incorporate recent changes in the new CAPP 52-10, Cadet Protection Policy.  It is anticipated that the updated Required Staff Training will take effect in Fall 2014.

Proving Grounds - CAPP 52-12 DRAFT Required Staff Training (February 2012)

A draft of the Required Staff Training has been posted for comment in the Proving Grounds and Cadet Blog. We encourage activity directors to use this draft version of RST and provide us with your feedback from the field.

Instructor Materials
Instructor's Guide

Student Materials
Student Guide


 Commanders wishing to use the 2002 guide may find the resource archive here.

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