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Required Staff Training

RST helps leaders reduce the risk of abuse, hazing, harassment, and humiliation at their activity.  It provides examples and on-examples of hazing and illustrates how to create an effective and positive training atmosphere.  Staff members, cadets and senior members alike, must complete RST each time they participate at a cadet activity lasting four nights in duration or longer.  See CAPR 52-16 for full details.

Encampment commanders can use the newest curriculum immediately, or stay in the old curriculum at their option.

CAPP 52-12 DRAFT Required Staff Training (February 2012)

An updated draft of the Required Staff Training has been posted for comment in the Proving Grounds and Cadet Blog. We encourage activity directors to use this draft version of RST throughout the winter and spring, and provide us with your feedback from the field.

Instructor Materials
instructor's Guide

Student Materials
Student Guide

CAPP 52-12 Required Staff Training (June 2002)


Instructor Materials
Volume 1 Instructor Guide (pages 1-32 only)
Tab 1:  How to Avoid the Hazing Trap (pages 33-50)
Slides:  How to Avoid the Hazing Trap
Video:  How to Avoid the Hazing Trap
Tab 2:  Using ORM to Avoid the Hazing Trap (pages 51-61)
Slides:  Using ORM to Avoid the Hazing Trap
Tab 3: Student ORM Worksheet (page 63)
Tab 4: Student Certificate (page 65)

Student Materials
Volume 2 Student Guide
CAPR 52-10, CAP Cadet Protection Policy
CAPP 52-23, Cadet Protection Policy Implementation GuideCadet Protection Program Training (CPPT)
Log into eServices and click on "Cadet Protection" in left-hand menu; required for all senior members and to cadets 18 and older. (Note: Link in eServices only appears for cadets 17 and older.)

To obtain credit for cadets who complete CPPT: Have cadets sign in on a CAPF11; select 'Cadet Protection Only' as the course type. Email the completed form to

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