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Learn To Lead Mod 1 Learn to Lead Mod 2 Learn to Lead Volume 3  Learn to Lead Volume 3
Personal Leadership 3.9mb
Team Leadership 18.4mb
Indirect Leadership 20.6mb
Strategic Perspectives 1.6mb
Ch 1 - Air Force Traditions

 Ch 4 - The NCO & The Team Play Ch4 Audio

Ch 9 - The Cadet Officer Ch 12 - Introduction to Strategic Leadership
Play Ch1 Audio (30.4mb) Ch 5 - Brainpower for Leadership Ch5 Audio Ch 10 - The Staff Officer Ch 13 - Leading Public & Volunteer Organizations 
Ch 2 - The Cadet And The Team Ch 6 - The Human Element Ch 11 - The Leader as Commander Ch 14 - Airpower as Strategic Laboratory 
Play Ch2 Audio (37.4mb) Ch 7 - Schools of Thought   Ch 15 - Organizational Culture & Change 
Ch 3 - The Art And The Science Ch 8 - Effective Communication   Ch 16 -  Strategic Comm. & Negotiation 
Play Ch3 Audio (38.6mb)      
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July 2012

Supplement: McREL Educational Standards

CAP Test 78-2


Volume 1 (212k)
 Volume 2 (415k)

Written & Drill Tests.  As a general rule, Learn to Lead tests are taken via the online testing system.  Learn to Lead cadets will demonstrate their proficiency in drill through a performance test during every achievement in Phases I and II.  Cadets with special needs or limited internet access should talk to their unit leadership or testing officer about possible alternatives, if necessary.

Milestone Exams.  Milestone exams are hard copy comprehensive exams.  To order milestone exams please email our registrar, Sharon Jackson.
Comments Welcome.  If you find typos, confusing passages, or just have a general suggestion to share, please email us.

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