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The Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track Guide is a roadmap for technical training for senior members who volunteer in Cadet Programs. It’s a self-paced, self-led and/or mentor-assisted training system. If you support cadets and want to learn how to become even more successful in your efforts, the specialty track is for you.

Who should use this specialty track?

“Cadet Programs Officer” is not a duty title but an umbrella term describing senior members who focus their efforts on supporting cadets. People assigned to any of the positions listed below often consider themselves “Cadet Programs Officers,” and we encourage them to enroll in the specialty track. Note that the specialty track now serves DDR officers, in recognition of their valued membership in the Cadet Programs community.

·       Deputy Commander   (cadet squadron)

·       Deputy Commander for Cadets   (composite squadron)

·       Leadership Officer

·       Aerospace Education Officer

·       Character Development Instructor

·       Drug Demand Reduction Officer

·       Chaplain

·       Activities Officer

·       Testing Officer


Grandfather Provisions   

  • Senior members who attained a Senior Rating in the Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track under the April 2011 edition of CAPP 216 may continue working on the Master Rating using the 2011 standards until 1 October 2015. You’ll find CAPP 216, 2011 edition, in our specialty track archives below.
  • Senior members who were enrolled in the DDR Officer Specialty Track under the December 2011 edition of CAPP 228 before October 1, 2013, may continue working on their rating using the 2011 standards until 1 October 2015. For the 2011 standards, please see our specialty track archive below. 
  • Senior members who are currently pursuing a Technician or Senior Rating in the Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track will need to complete the training requirements set by the new 1 April 2014 edition of CAPP 216 to obtain those ratings. However, the “old” and “new” requirements overlap by more than 90%, so from a practical perspective the switch to the 1 April 2014 standards should be easy for members and cause very little disruption to their personal training timelines.
On-Line Tests

The program includes on-line tests to ensure students fulfill the training objectives. The online tests are available in e-Services, under the Learning Management System link.

Auditing the Tests
Anyone may take the on-line tests at anytime.

Taking the Tests for Credit
Senior member students may take the on-line test corresponding to the rating they are working toward for credit once their trainer or unit commander is satisfied that they have met the specialty track's knowledge requirements. See CAPP 216 (at right) for details.   

Credit for passing the test is awarded by unit commanders only if students follow the procedures described above. Tests may not be "banked" -- a member may not test ahead of their next specialty track rating and apply those passing test scores to the specialty track's requirements later on. For example, technician-rated senior members may receive credit only for the senior rating test; later, after earning the senior rating, they may attempt the master rating test for credit. This requirement  is necessary because specialty tracks are designed to train senior members in up-to-date CAP polices and practices, which are constantly evolving.

Test Format
All three on-line tests for this specialty track -- Technician, Senior, and Master -- are 25-question, open-book, and multiple-choice. There is no time limit. Questions are based on the rating's knowledge requirements, as listed in CAPP 216 (at right). The passing score for each test is 80%. Tests are available only on-line. Members who lack Internet access and want to take the test(s) should visit a local library with public Internet access, or borrow a friend's computer. Otherwise, contact us for help!

Recording a Passing Score
Upon passing, the test software will generate a certificate of completion. Students should print the certificate and give a copy to their trainer or unit commander. See "Recording Ratings and Earning Awards" in CAPP 216 (at right) for details.   

Test Failures
Students who fail the test may re-take it on another date.

Cadet Program Officer Badge

The Cadet Programs specialty badge recognizes senior member volunteer service in the Cadet Program. The badge may be worn by senior members who have attained a technician rating in the Cadet Programs specialty track. Its design is modeled on the cadet officer service cap device. There are three variations of the Cadet Programs specialty badge:

  • Blue Star:   The basic badge is equipped with a blue star and denotes attainment of the technician rating.
  • Bronze Star:  When affixed with a bronze star, the badge denotes attainment of the senior rating.
  • Silver Star:  When affixed with a silver star, the badge denotes attainment of the master rating.

Request the badge using  CAPF 2a.  (Procedures may vary depending on the wing.)

Cadet Program Officer’s Handbook

The “old” CAPP 216 (2011) was not just a specialty track guide but a “Cadet Program Officer’s Handbook” that included helpful tips on how to get started in Cadet Programs. That content is still available in the archives below, but at the request of the Professional Development folks, we’ll be moving that content out of the specialty track guide and into a stand-alone publication, the “Cadet Programs Officer Handbook,” later this year. If you have ideas on what content should be added to the handbook, please let us know.
A Final Word

Survey after survey, cadets affirm that the #1 factor affecting their success as cadets is adult leadership. On behalf of the CAP Cadet Corps, our thanks to the Cadet Programs Officers who are constantly trying to learn and develop themselves for the benefit of the cadets.

-- National Cadet Team

CAPP 216, Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track Guide, January 2014
CAPP 216, Cadet Programs Officer Handbook & Specialty Track Guide, April 2011
CAPP 228, DDR Officer Specialty Track Guide, December 2011

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