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"CAP has honed my moral values and beliefs of integrity first, excellence and service before self. I am very grateful to the Civil Air Patrol for providing me with a positive alternative to many of the negative aspects of teen life." --2012 IACE Cadet Applicant

Civil Air Patrol encourages youth to live the timeless Core Values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect. CAP develops character in its cadets through formal values education and informal mentoring as ethical dilemmas arise in cadets' lives.

Cadets in Achievement 1 (Curry) must complete the Cadet Wingman Course which introduces the Core Values, the wingman concept, safety and cadet protection.  Cadets in all other Achievements must participate in a character development forum using the materials found below.

Cadet Character Resources

New for 2015- Medal of Honor: Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice


Chaplains and Character Development Instructors are encouraged to explore the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation's character development program.  Learn more about this program, how it relates to to the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and how to bring it into your unit here.  

Flight Time: Values for Living (CAPP 265-2)
  - Volume 4 - November 2014
  - Volume 3 - June 2010
  - Volume 2 - September 2006
 -  Volume 1 - July 2004
  - Values for Living  1972-1981 & 1992-2002 (zipped)
  - Values for Living  1981-1989  (zipped)

Learn to Lead: Character & The Air Force Tradition   (pp. 8-15)
CAP Core Values (CAPP 50-2)
Mentoring (CAPP 52-6)
Making Core Values Make Sense by Bobbie Tourville


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