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Cadet Great Start

Cadet Great Start Promotion Cadet Great Start transforms ordinary youth into Cadet Airmen in 5 short weeks. It's indoctrination in the best sense of the word. Some hallmarks of the program include:
  • Begins with an open house
  • Provides a standardized, easy to use curriculum
  • Challenges cadet officers and NCOs as instructors
  • Builds trust between CAP leaders and parents
  • Includes a plan for managing administrative tasks
  • Involves cadets in exciting, hands-on activities
  • Concludes with an orientation flight

This page is for the Great Start cadre. New cadets / students should visit the New Cadet Help page.

Full collection of all implementation guidelines, schedules, lesson plans, checklists, etc.














Great Start works best in conjunction with an open house. The idea is for the squadron to recruit several cadets at once, introduce them to CAP at an open house, and then assign them to their own flight where they receive specialized training for the Curry Achievement.

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Cadet Online Testing User Guide (creating eServices account, OpSec, Testing) PDF  
P2   Cadet Cadre Training Slides  
1.1   Exciting Opportunities Video (capchannel)  
1.2   Cadet Membership in CAP Slides  
1.4   Great Start Overview Slides  
1.5   Parents' Introduction

Parents' Guide

2.12  Drill & Ceremonies Labs Drill Resources  
2.21  Grade Insignia Flash Cards  
2.4   The Cadet Uniform Uniform Mini Posters  
4.1   Introduction to Fitness & the CPFT CPFT standards  
5.1   Introduction to the Core Values CAPP 265-2  
6.2   Compass Course Slides  
7.1   Pre-Test:  Jeopardy! Game  
7.4   Cadet Progression & Feedback Path of Progression  
  Leadership Expectations  
 7.41  Leadership Feedback Meeting CAPF 50-1  
GRADUATION Graduation Certificate  
  Graduation Report  

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