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    Cadet Programs has revised the online test banks for Learn to Lead Chapters 1-3 and is currently editing the test banks for Chapters 4-8. We believe these revisions will greatly assist cadets taking online tests.


    Late last week I read something that said they were in the process of wrapping up on it, and that 4-8 would be next. Does this now mean the content has actually been changed as of this morning? Among all the issues we've had with browsers and the likes, and my not having printed copies of the L2L materials, I have discovered something. One evening I offered two cadets the Leadership 2000 Chapter 1 test, fully disclosing that it was from the prior texts and all that, and as such, they could take it using the old rules of no time limit (other than the time slot allowed for it, half the meeting period), and closed book, with the 70% passing score. Mind you, my general experience with LL1 has been they usually blow it badly, or ace it, with the blowing it badly happening way more. Well, these two missed 2-3 questions each. Albeit the typical drill question and the stripes. So, the next week I tried that again with another two cadets and I got a similar result. In the past few months I have offered LL1 and LL2 under the same deal to the cadets that have internet challenges and I have yet to have one fail a Leadership test where as the prior 4 years of stats shows that pass rate is about 60%. The total sampling here is about 20 tests now. I had the first use of the L2L Wright Brothers test a couple weeks ago, and the result was two missed questions. Now with regards to the online testing pass/fail rate in general. The feedback I get from cadets once they work out the browser/access issue and we're past the getting locked out for too many starts and not finished attempts, most are passing them within the first two attempts. I'm not having to deal with resetting access. In other words, the results seem to be on par, but a bit better than the Leadership 2000 testing statistics. Of course, we have 10 years of history on scores for the previous and realistically 4-5 months here. I'm glad I didn't print up a set of new tests seeing as they are about to be/or have been revised. How about the printable ones, they appear to be the same as of this posting. Will they be changing? I'm probably glad I didn't create any hard copies yet. [ We will be updating the printed tests. In regards to content, no, the content has not changed. The primary goal has been to revise and/or eliminate questions from the bank that were misleading or had more than one possible correct answer. - Neil ]

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