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Let's Go Flying

      Let's Go Flying Instructor's Guide

The LET’S GO FLYING book prepares the younger aviation enthusiast, who had a fascination for flight, for the reality of what it takes to become an aviation professional.

The LET’S GO FLYING book stresses six major issues:

  1. The aerospace industry has a zero tolerance for drug and alcohol abuse.
  2. Pilots, flight crews and support personnel who are impaired by drugs or alcohol endanger the safety of everyone on the ground or in the air
  3. The pilot’s certificate is directly linked to the medical certificate.
  4. Starting from the day a young adult gets a driver’s license, a record of any alcohol or drug-related conviction can be used against a potential professional flight crew member by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  5. A pilot is expected to be in excellent physical condition when flying and when undergoing regular medical examinations.
  6. Flying is one of the most remarkable achievements of mankind. It is a privilege to fly.

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