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“National Activities are a definite draw to the Cadet Program. When talking to cadets, they will often remain in CAP longer if they have a goal or vision. Being able to tell of great experiences that I and others have shared helps cadets formulate a vision and they devote more to the development and success of the squadron.” -- 2012 IACE Cadet Applicant



The main goal of the Cadet Team is enhancing the success of local units.  Since most of the work is done at this level we provide tools and programs to help them grow; from recruiting new members to orientation flights, fundraising to mentoring.
National Open House and Cadet Great Start
Red Ribbon Leadership Academy
Satellite Tool Kit
Wreaths Across America
Drug Demand Reduction Excellence Activity Guide


Wings and regions also play an important role in the Cadet Program by providing programs that are too large for the average squadron to implement on their own.
Cadet Encampments
Region Cadet Leadership Schools
Cadet Advisory Councils
National Character Day 
Cadet Honor Academy   New! January 2013
National accreditation for special activities hosted by wings and regions


Summer is a busy time for cadets and unique opportunities can be found at the national level for those that have completed their initial training.
National Cadet Competition
National Cadet Special Activities
Activities that qualify for the CSA Ribbon


Smaller groups participate in our exciting winter activities.
National Character and Leadership Symposium
Civic Leadership Academy
Activities that qualify for the CSA Ribbon

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