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Drill & Ceremonies Videos

Thanks to our friends at AFJROTC and the Air Force's Holm Center, you'll find some outstanding drill and ceremonies videos available at These are the same videos found on the Air Force drill and ceremonies DVD that we sent to every squadron about 18 months ago. For your convenience, they've been broken down into chapters. Next time you're doing drill and ceremonies training, take a look at the videos and other resources available at the link above.





I think this is great, we use these videos to teach new cadets basic drill

While it is nice that the DVD is online we do not have access to the internet at the Armory we use. It would be nice to have the actual DVD to use with the cadets at the meeting. I am still trying to find mine - I know it is somewhere but when I received it I had very experienced cadets and did not need it so I seemed to have lost track of it. Now I really need it with my new "raw" recruits. Is there any way to somehow download the online DVD onto a disk? [We're looking into the download option you mention. -curt]

thank you

This DVD for drills and cerimonies was never recieved at our office,Jimmy Stewart Composite Squadron 714, 392 Airport Road Indiana PA, 15701. If this could be sent out it would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time, 1LT Arthur M. Havens-422209 [CADET TEAM REPLY: DVDs were shipped to every unit mailing address in the fall of '07. That's over two years ago, so unfortunately we no longer have any in inventory. Check around your unit to see if someone has your DVD. The good news is that the videos are available online for all to use any time.]

I understand that the measurement for your step while has been changed from 28" to 14" with the half step is 12". Is this correct? [NHQ Reply: As with any technical question, you're #1 source for the answer is the drill manual. You may download it at]

Since they included sabers, is that allowed? And I think they should have included a rifle manual of arms video. Other than that it is really helpful. [ Sabers are not authorized for CAP. - curt ]

^ Sorry, we purchased a limited quantity of the DVDs and are now out of stock. The good news is that with the videos being online, anyone can view them anytime.

WE have misplaced our DVD in the recent move while our meeting location is being remodeled is it possible to get another copy?

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