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Cadet Funding Update: O-rides, Uniforms, Books

Funds for cadet orientation flights, new cadet kits, and cadet uniforms have been turned back on!

- O-rides can commence (starting 28 November, 2011)
- Backlogged AE modules are now being shipped (2,500 packets total)
- New cadet kits are being shipped, starting with backlogs (800 binders total)
- Limited numbers of cadet uniform orders are being shipped

Any remaining cadet uniform orders will be held until further funds are released for purchase and shipping.


Can you tell me what is currently being shipped to a new cadet in the "New Cadet Kit" Things have changed in my 15 years working with cadets.

[ The new cadet kit currently contains: Learn to Lead volumes 1 and 2, Aerospace modules 1-6, uniform mini-posters, pocket drill guide, Respect on Display, Cadet Super Chart 11x17-inch, Parents’ Guide, binder, and pen. -Becci ]

Just wondering how my son Christian-age 16 goes about getting a Cadet Uniform?

[Welcome to CAP! Instructions for how new cadet members can apply for a free uniform (short sleeve blues) are online under Cadet Programs > New Cadet Help > Free Cadet Uniform Program --Becci]

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