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What Does CAP Do For the Air Force Association?

 Education Partners for the Future


  • CAP adult, educator, and cadet members are encouraged to join their local AFA Chapter.  CAP members, click HERE for local AFA chapter locations and HERE membership information

AFA’s AE mission mirrors that of CAP.  Both organizations promote aerospace/STEM education to the general public in an effort to prepare for future national security of America.  Thus, in an effort to assist AFA in fulfilling its AE mission, and in deep appreciation to AFA for all the support given to CAP members, CAP also provides the following opportunities to AFA chapters:

 In addition to the complimentary AE Memberships, there are several programs that AFA chapters can support in community classrooms, youth organizations, and aviation museums- again, at no cost to the chapters.  AFA chapters can use these programs as another avenue to “improve their grassroots effectiveness” to promote aerospace/STEM education programs that lead to strengthening the nation’s ability to meet its defense needs with technological superiority. 



  • Click HERE for quick 2-page flyer on CAP Programs for AFA Chapters
  • Click HERE for map, by state, of AFA chapter involvement in CAP Aerospace/STEM programs
  • Click HERE for a brochure of AFA and CAP partnership programs.


           July 2014: AFA Involvement in CAP Programs Map

  • Click HERE to  find the closest CAP Volunteer AE Officer to assist the AFA Chapter
  • Click HERE and enter state to find AFA Chapters and closest CAP Squadrons


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