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CAP's 2014 AE Program Overview

AEO Schools Set

Mark your calendars for upcoming Aerospace Education Officer Schools. These sessions give attendees tools to help them promote AE within their squadrons and communities. The schools also provide a chance for collaboration and hands-on learning.


Thank you for voting for Civil Air Patrol to receive a $4,000 Lightspeed Aviation Foundation Grant!

Lightspeed presents Pilot's Choice Award grants to continue its mission of promoting a vibrant and growing pilot community and serving others. On November 1st, the Civil Air Patrol was selected to win a $4,000 from popular votes.  Funds will be used to enhance CAP's K-6 Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) Program.  See details below!


Special Memberships for Educators: For any formal or informal educator, click HERE for special  membership info!

FREE CAP STEM Kit Program for CAP Units and Educators!

CAP & the AFA Aerospace/STEM Education Partnership: Air Force Association

Cadets, click here for AE resources!

2015 AFA CyberPatriot for Cadets & Schools: Read about this exciting program going on NOW


                                       Aerospace Education Pictorial Overview                              

CAP AE Announcements

Profiles in Excellence  featuring CAP's National 2013 Aerospace Educator of the Year

and Medal of Honor Character Development Site with Educational Lesssons

CAP Aerospace/STEM Curriculum Products
(how to obtain materials)
External Aerospace/STEM Online Resources  CAP/STEM Alliances


Aerospace Education Officers (AEOs)

~Work as uniformed CAP members with cadets & adults in squadrons across the nation

    Aerospace Education Members (AEMs)

~Work as educators in schools & youth organizations (relevant for CAP Sr Members who are educators, as well as AEMs across the nation)

AEO Resources:  Includes information on AEO duties, reports, and AEO schools.  (AE Activity Reports, CAP University and pamphlets, regulations, and forms are also helpful.)

ACE Program:  Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) is a free, cross-curricular, grade-specific program for  grades K-6. 

AE Curriculum Offerings for CAP Units:  
AEX      Model Rocketry      STK       Additional (including
CAP-TERS, MARC, Robotics, Cyber Security, Astronomy, etc.)

AEX Award Program for Educators:  Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) is a free K-12 hands-on aerospace program with completion plaque and student certificates.
TOP Flights:  Instructions on how pilots and AEOs can conduct Teacher Orientation Program Flights for local educators. TOP Flights:  Free program that allows our valued educators to get "out of the classroom and into the skies" to learn about aviation principles and how to integrate these in the learning environment for youth.
Grants:  Submit a competitive application for a $250 Air Force Association (AFA) grant to promote Aerospace/STEM education in your unit!  Grants:  Submit a competitive application for a $250 Air Force Association (AFA) grant to promote Aerospace/STEM education in your formal or informal learning environment! 
Awards for Senior Members & Cadets  Awards for Educators
Success and Best Practices Success and Best Practices



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